ALTRAN is an international group with 20000 employees globally, offering innovation and high-tech engineering consulting and is the European leader in its field. The Group‘s mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services. Every day, we bring our customers‘ most complex projects to life and we boost their performance through our expertise in technologies and innovation processes. 
      As the European leader in technology and innovation consulting, ALTRAN assists its clients at every stage of the innovation cycle in the areas of Automotive, Railways, Aeronautics, Energy, Telecommunication and Life Science, helps them to delivery tomorrow’s solutions today and provides them with leading edge technology and global services worldwide in Europe, America and Asia. ALTRAN China, in collaborating with ALTRAN worldwide, offers local support services and solutions to International and Chinese companies. 
      The high level of our consultants is of paramount importance to our business strategy and is reflected in the rate of repeat business that we are able to achieve. The development of long term relationships with our customers is only possible through the delivery of high quality, cost effective and appropriate solutions and services. For more information, please visit our or and also pay attention to our Weibo: 
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·样板车间总装ME工程师 ·Powertrain Application & Calibration ·PDL(内饰产品工程师) ·Fuel System Engineer(燃油系统工程师)
·Switch Engineer (开关工程师) ·Resident Engineer ·Tbox DRE ·座椅设计工程师
·System Validation Engineer ·ADAS 测试工程师 ·工业化管理工程师 ·发动机标定工程师 - Engine Calibration Engineer
·Launch Engineer-BIW
·包装规划 ·影音娱乐零件工程师 ·NVH仿真分析工程师 - NVH CAE Analyst ·白车身工程师 - BIW Engineer

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